Best Digital Cash Register App for Smartphone


In the digital era as it is today, a job will be easier to do if it is accompanied by relying on digital technology, on this occasion we will review the best digital cashier application that can be used on your Smartphone.

If you have a shop or a place to sell, you may be confused if you have to manually record in a book for every item sold and the amount of income you receive.

Such an ancient method would have been classified as very inefficient if applied in the digital era like now where you have to manually record and calculate manually as well.

Some app developers develop many digital cashier applications that serve as tools to make it easier for you to complete your work.

Of course, you are already familiar with the name PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk, right? Yep, this big company better known by the name of PT Telkom is developing its newest application, namely BONUM.

BONUM is a digital cashier application to help record sales for MSMEs that functions like a cash register in general. In addition to offering ease of use, the bonus application is also equipped with additional devices that function as your own receipt printer. Interesting right? Let’s see more about the BONUM application and the various features it offers.

Bonus App Features

Adding Products Easier
You can add your merchandise more easily, besides being presented with a clean and easy to understand appearance, BONUM also has a category for each item you add.

Manual Calculator & Calculation
Prices are not fixed so confused when entering into the menu?

You can use the manual calculation feature (Calculator) from BONUM which of course can print receipts and can be saved into your transaction data.

Cashless / Non-Cash payment method
Troubled with all-cash payments?

Your customers can determine the payment method they will use, besides being able to accept cash payments you can also accept non-cash payments by activating the Qren feature which of course supports all non-cash payments in Indonesia.

Reporting & Statistics
Want to know daily, weekly and monthly income reports?

The BONUM app supports complete reports from your revenue to your total merchandise sales. The report is divided into 3 main reports, namely daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Application is Online
You can manage and store all your data online, this allows you to still be able to access your cashier data through different devices and of course this will make your data safe and will not be lost.

Free VIP Voucher
BONUM is a free application that you can download directly through Google Play (Playstore). You will also get a VIP feature voucher in your BONUM application by contacting CS Bonum on WhatsApp 082114297208.

Advantages of the BONUM Application

  • BONUM is available for free and can be downloaded directly via  Google Play.
  • The BONUM application can be upgraded if you want to get VIP features in the application.
  • More efficient because it can be operated directly via Smartphone.
  • The various features offered can save time and make work easier.
  • Developed by a large company, namely PT Telkom.
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