Download Android SDK Platform Tools (Windows, Mac & Linux)


Download Android SDK Tools now available as a zip file which can be downloaded directly from Google. Just download the latest Android SDK tools zip or ADB and Fastboot zip for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the link below and unzip. You can then run ADB and Fastboot commands to install the APK, reboot Android into bootloader mode and flash the stock ROM and recovery image using a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.


The Android SDK and Android Studio are tools for developers only and are used for Android application development purposes. However, if you’re just a layman fiddling with your phone for smaller jobs like unlocking the bootloader, flashing a boot or recovery image or doing the occasional full factory image, downloading the full Android SDK or Studio is no longer necessary. Now you can download latest ADB tool and Fastboot or Android SDK Platform-Tools zip file depending on your computer OS separately.

Platform-Tools is a component of the Android SDK and includes various tools, such as ADB, fastboot, and systray. If you’ve ever wanted to download ADB and Fastboot without having to download the entire Android Studio or SDK, Google has finally made the binaries officially available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thus you can now download the latest ADB and Fastboot files from the Google Developer site. 

No Need To Download Full SDK Or Android Studio Package

Prior to this new development, users had to download the Android SDK or Studio, which had a download file size of 400MB to 1.6GB, and required third-party sources to fetch ADB and Fastboot drivers. You should be familiar with the Minimal ADB and Fastboot executable which need to be installed first to get the platform’s Android SDK Tools.

In most cases, downloads from third-party sources contain malicious things like Trojans. Furthermore, to get the latest Android SDK, you must monitor for new releases. Sometimes the latest versions of those executable tools install outdated ADB and Fastboot binaries. Now it’s time to get rid of that and get the latest tools straight from Google.

Why download a large package when all you need is a small portion? The official Platform size is less than 4MB.

Download SDK Platform Tools For Windows, Mac, & Linux

SDK Platform Tools for Windows

ADB Platform Tools for MacOS

SDK Or ADB Platform Tools For Linux

You can also visit the official page and view the release notes.

Steps To Use And Run ADB Commands

After downloading the latest SDK file, simply extract it on the desktop. Open the extracted folder, and run a command window inside the “platform-tools” folder  and run the desired ADB and Fastboot commands.

There are two ways to open a command window from the windows folder. The easiest and fastest way to run a command window or cmd from the window platform-tools folder is to type “cmd” in the address bar and press the Enter key.

You can also open a command prompt in Windows as follows. Hover the mouse over any empty space in the folder, then press Shift key + Right click on the mouse and select “Open command window here” or “Open PowerShell window here” (on Windows 10) option.

After running CMD, you can run ADB or Fastboot commands.

Don’t forget to authorize ADB and allow USB debugging on Android devices when prompted. Also, to be able to use ADB and Fastboot commands, you must enable USB debugging on your phone.

For example, if you want to check the connection between your Android device and computer, you can try the following command on CMD:

adb devices

Similarly, you can reboot your Android device into Bootloader mode using the “adb reboot bootloader” command and even install APK apps.

That’s all, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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