Download Lightroom Presets for Android and PC


Currently the world of photography is very popular among young people, to beautify the captured photos sometimes they have to give a little touch to the photos.

Actually there are many applications that can be used to edit images, one of which is Adobe Lightroom. By using this application your photos will look more attractive, but for people who have never used this photo editing application, it will be very difficult to use it.

But there is a very practical way for those of you who have never or have difficulty using this lightroom application. That is, you can use presets. By using the help of presets, you don’t need to bother editing the image, just select a preset, the photo will automatically change the effect.

Download Lightroom Presets for Android and PC

You can use the presets that we share for the PC and Android versions of Adobe Lightroom.

How to Install Lightroom Presets on Android

Installing lightroom presets is very easy. Make sure you have download premium lightroom presets from the link we provided. Then extract the download using the RAR For Android application or ZArchiver. If so, let’s immediately install the preset.

  1. Open the folder where you saved the extract, make sure the contents of the folder are in .xmp format.
  2. Then move or copy the preset file with .xmp extension to Android > data > com.adobe.lrmobile > files > carouselDocuments > 0000000000000000 > Profiles > Settings > UserStyles. (Note: The 0000000000000000 folder on each device can have different names, sometimes random numbers because they are automatically generated).
    Cara memasang preset xmp lightroom mobile
  3. If so, try opening the Lightroom mobile application. Then tap on the Presets tab.
    Cara memasang preset xmp lightroom mobile
  4. And all the presets you moved earlier will appear here.
    Cara memasang preset xmp lightroom mobile

To use it, you can choose one of them and keep in mind that for each edited photo the preset results will not be the same. May be useful.

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