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Download Mi Account Unlock Tool – Are you unable to unlock your phone or forgot your Mi account password? To unlock or Bypass Mi account you have to download Mi Account Unlock Tool. If you ever login in Mi cloud with Mi account and do factory reset or system update. Then you need to enter the password of that account to activate Mi phone.

Well sometimes we forget the password and if it happens, then you can’t activate the phone, after a factory reset or update. In this case, you can flash the firmware using the Xiaomi flash tool on the device.

But what if you don’t want to download large size firmware files and just want to disable/bypass mi account? Then you should use this tool. This is a small size tool which is approx 5MB and you can download the Mi account unlock tool zip file from the link on this page.

Supported OS:

One of the best things about Mi Unlock Tool is that it is available for Windows OS. The Zip file contains an .exe file that can be opened on the Windows platform. Following are the Windows versions supported by this tool.

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool

There are cases when we have to activate a Mi phone by using the same Mi account that has been used on that phone. Cases like after factory reset and even after updating Mi phone. Only after booting into the system you will see a message like Device locked or Activate this device. Then you need to download Mi Unlock Tool on PC. The download link is given below and the file is in ZIP format.

Info File

  • File Name – Mi Account Unlock Tool
  • File Format – RAR
  • Tool Version – 2.2.406.5
  • File Size – 3,41MB
Note: Make sure that, your smartphone is in EDL mode. So, put the smartphone in EDL mode and then run the tool to unlock the Xiaomi device.

How to use Mi Account Unlock Tool

Now that you have downloaded the tool on PC, then you can use it to Bypass Mi account. But there are some important points that you should know. Like Mi account unlock tool, it requires adb driver to detect the device. Follow the steps to Delete/Bypass Mi account from Mi phone.

  1. At first, you need to download the tool for PC from the download link listed above.
  2. Disable antivirus & extract Zip file using Winzip or WinRAR.
  3. Then run “adb.exe“.
  4. Run ”Mi Account Unlock Tool.exe“.
  5. Turn off the phone.
  6. Now press and hold “Power + Vol Up button”. When the Mi logo appears, release the power button (don’t release the vol up).
  7. After booting into recovery mode, connect the phone with PC.
  8. Now click on ‘Information’.
  9. After getting the information, click ‘Bypass Mi Account’.
  10. There he is! the phone will now reboot into the system.

Booting into the system can take some time, so wait for it to open. Now set up the device without logging in to Mi account. As you can see the Mi account unlock tool has Deactivate Mi Account option. This option doesn’t work on every device, it only works on old Mi devices.

Features of Mi Account Unlock Tool

This is a utility tool for PC which can be used to activate Mi phone by deleting, deactivating, bypassing Mi account. This tool is free and easy to use but very useful. Below are some of the functions of the tool for PC.

  • Bypass Mi account
  • Deactivate Mi account
  • Bypass Mi cloud
  • Unlock Mi phone
  • Open Mi cloud
  • Unlock Mi phone after reset or update
  • Easily detect Mi phone
  • Information about Mi phone

That’s for Mi Account Unlock Tool. If you face any problem, you can leave a comment in the below section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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