Google Continues Android Q Beta Bootloop Issue Update


Android Q gets regular updates from developers. The latest Android Q update is the fourth beta update. This update has received a number of negative feedback from testers as it is packed with lots of bugs and bootloop issues.

The problem has been fixed and Google has re-released the fourth beta update of the Android Q Operating System. Quoted from the official Twitter Google Developer has shared information regarding the new update and all the improvements that the update has made with the existing OS.

According to Pixel device users, the Fourth Android Q Beta update is having serious bootloop issues. The users are not allowed to start and use their smartphone.

Devices that have been enrolled in the Beta program will receive this new Android Q Fourth Beta update immediately. The update also makes images downloadable for users.

This is a serious problem faced by developers and testers of the Android Beta operating system. It has made it clear that you should not install Beta updates on Primary devices. To test the update, you must have a separate device so that you can continue to use your existing Primary device to make calls and receive notifications when the test device has issues with the issue.

If you want to know more about this latest update from Google, check out the official Tweet from Google Developers.

If you haven’t previously installed the Android Q Beta update on your device, you should install it now as the bugs and issues have been fixed. The latest update is now available for Android testers. Pixel users can also install it and start exploring new Android features on their respective devices.

The new Android Q Beta 4 update is a minor update with a limited set of features for users. Compared to the previous three beta updates, this update does not bring many new features and functions for users. The update includes a new Settings Menu and Dark Mode as well.

If you’ve signed up for the Android Beta program, you’ll receive updates via Over-the-Air immediately.

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