How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account


CahDroid | As a Google account user, you must be familiar with the recovery email feature. This recovery email serves to help users when they can’t sign in to their Google account (main email).

In addition, having a recovery email can better protect your Google account and prevent others from accessing and changing data.

We can call the recovery email feature a support email from our main Google account. To be able to add a recovery email is actually very easy, this feature is already available when we create a new email.

However, we are not required to fill in this recovery email. But if in the future we need a recovery email to support the main email, you can easily add a recovery email in your Google account.

How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account

1. Prepare in advance the email address you want to use as a recovery email and make sure the email is still active.

2. Now open the Google app on your android device, and then tap the profile photo icon in the top right corner. In the email you want to add a recovery email, press the Manage your Google Account menu.

How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account

3. On the Google Account page, find and select the Security tab. Then scroll and see the ‘Ways we can verify it’s you’ column. There are two verification methods, namely by phone number and email. For the phone number, it must be already available because the phone number must be filled when creating a gmail account. Meanwhile, the recovery email is not required to be filled in.

4. To add a recovery email, press the right arrow icon on the recovery email menu and then type your email password in the field provided. And tap Next.

How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account

5. You need to type in the recovery email that you prepared earlier, then press Next.

6. Now Google will send the OTP code to the recovery email address. Open the email you registered as a recovery email to see the OTP code that was sent. Then type the OTP code you received in the column provided and press the Verify button.

How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account

7. Done, now your Google account has been successfully secured using a recovery email.

How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account

Just by following a few easy steps above, you can now add a recovery email to your Google account.

In addition to adding a recovery email by following the steps above, you can also change the recovery email address that is already registered in your Google account.

Hope this article helped you learn How to Add Recovery Email in Google Account. If you have any questions regarding this guide, please leave a comment in the column below.

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