How to Change Store Name on TikTok Shop


Nulis | Along with its popularity, now the TikTok application is not only used as a unique and interesting video sharing medium. However, TikTok is also used as a media for promotion and selling.

What’s more, the TikTok application is now also available with the TikTok Shop feature which allows users to sell goods or just become an affiliate agent of the TikTok application.

How to Change Store Name on TikTok Shop

Talking about accounts that have been registered in the TikTok Shop program, the user account name in TikTok Shop is also used as the store name.

To change the store name on TikTok Shop is a little different from changing the profile name or username on a regular TikTok account.

Because on a regular TikTok account, we can immediately change the username in the TikTok application. But in TikTok Shop we can only change the name of the store on the TikTok Seller site.

For a more complete guide on how to change your store name on TikTok Shop, you can follow the steps below.

How to Change Store Name on TikTok Shop Manually

1. Before starting to change the store name on TikTok Shop, first make sure your TikTok account is a business account and has been registered with TikTok Shop.

2. Open one of the browser applications on your smartphone device and visit the TikTok Shop Seller Center.

3. Then login to your TikTok account and you will be immediately directed to the TikTok Shop account dashboard page.

4. Tap the Profile menu and select Seller Profile.

Select Seller Profile

5. On the seller profile page, you must switch to Seller Information. On the Seller Information menu, look for the Store Name column. Tap the Change button next to the TikTok store name.

Seller Information

6. In the popup that appears, type the name of the new store and tap the Save button. Keep in mind that you can change the store name only once a month.

Type the name of the new store

7. Done, refresh the TikTok application on your smartphone device to see the name of the store that has been changed.

How to Rename TikTok Shop via Help Center

What if the way to change the name on TikTok Shop as above doesn’t work?

If they receive a notification stating that the name change was rejected, the user can file a complaint through the help center. Here’s the complete procedure:

1. Click Help Center (the position is at the bottom of all menus).

Click Help Center2. After that, click My tickets in the bottom right corner.

click My tickets3. Click Create New Ticket.

Click Create New Ticket4. In the ‘Topic’ section, please select the Shop Management option. Then select Seller Center Function to verify the store name.

select the Shop Management option5. In the ‘Details’ column, click the Seller Profile-Change Shop Name option.

Click the Seller Profile-Change Shop Name6. Now in the ‘Specify Your Issues’ column, please fill in with a complete explanation. For example “I want to change my Shop name because its similar to other brands. I’m so worried about that, so I decided to replace it with a new one. Please accept my request and allow me to build my new shop on this platform”.

Specify Your Issues7. Upload supporting evidence, in the form of screenshots of other brand names that resemble the name of your store. Remember, each uploaded image is a maximum size of 5 MB and can only have the extension JPEG, JPG, and PNG. Users can only upload a maximum of 6 images.
8. When everything is done, just click Submit.

Uploads file image9. The ‘Sumbit the Ticket?’ pop up appears. Click Continue again.

Sumbit the Ticket10. Then the seller will get a ticket number and have to wait for a response from the TikTok Shop for approximately 48 hours (two days).

It’s easy to change the store name on TikTok Shop. Just a few simple steps, you can change the name of the TikTok Shop store.

However, because you can only change the store name once a month, you need to think carefully about the name of the store you want to use before changing it.

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