How to Delete iCloud Account and Apple ID Previous Owner


People who just bought a used iPhone will be looking for ways to delete the iCloud account and Apple ID of the previous owner. Because most of the previous owner’s iCloud accounts have not been logged out or deleted from the iPhone device.

If that happens, of course, you will have difficulty accessing the device and the way to fix this is to remove or delete iCloud or Apple ID from the previous owner.

Apple is known to be strict about security, this is done to minimize theft of Apple’s devices. But for people who have lost or have sold their iPhone, there is no need to worry because the data will not be lost and are still stored in iCloud neatly.

How to Delete an iCLoud Account

There are several ways to remove or delete the previous owner’s iCloud account from a used iPhone. Immediately, here are some ways, including:

Deleting iCloud Account With Password

If the previous owner forgot to delete the iCloud account before it was transferred to your hands, try asking the device’s iCloud account name and password directly.

If not, then the iPhone device will not be able to operate because it is locked. But if you are notified or get iCloud password, then you can follow the following steps to delete iCloud account on that device.

  1. Enter the account name and password.
  2. After successfully logging in, select the settings menu.
  3. Scroll down until you find the iCloud menu.
  4. Tap the iCloud menu.
  5. Scroll down until you find the “Sign Out” option.
  6. Select “Sign Out”.
  7. Select the “Sign Out” button to confirm iCloud removal.
  8. Now the iCloud account on the iPhone device has been successfully deleted.

Deleting iCloud Account Without Password

If you don’t get the iCloud password for the used iPhone because the owner is located far from you and he doesn’t want to give the iCloud password because it’s related to his privacy, you can follow the method below:

  1. Contact the previous owner.
  2. Have it open a Browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc).
  3. Then sign in to
  4. Then login with an active iCloud account that is on the iPhone device that you purchased.
  5. After successfully logging in, select the Find My iPhone menu.
  6. Later, the device connected to iCloud will appear.
  7. Select iPhone.
  8. Press Erase so that the iPhone device is no longer connected to the iCloud account.
  9. Wait until the connection deletion process is successful.
  10. If it has been successfully deleted, restart the iPhone device.
  11. The iPhone device has been successfully activated without having to enter an iCloud account.

This method you can do only with the help of the previous owner. This is done so that you are absolutely sure that the device you are buying is not stolen.

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