How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok


CahDroid | The Facebook and Instagram applications have launched the Avatar feature first, as if you don’t want to miss TikTok also following in their footsteps by presenting the Tiktok 3D Avatar feature. So, what are the advantages and how do you use it?

Today, we certainly know what is called social media. The number itself is not only one or two platforms, but there are already many platforms that we can use to connect with other people.

There are even those who use this social media platform to work and also do business. The convenience and excitement that is presented in social media itself makes many people want to create accounts on various social media.

One that exists and is growing to this day is the TikTok application. This social media platform can indeed be said to have a complete package. How not, in Tiktok we can do many things at once in one application such as uploading and short editing. Even recently TikTok has also presented a business feature or an Online Store.

How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok

Now Tiktok is launching a new feature. The feature is called Avatar tiktok. Maybe from the name you are already familiar, because indeed on other platforms there are already those that present this feature first. However, on the Tiktok application it is a little different. So what are the advantages?

Different from other platforms, the animation capabilities of this tiktok Avatar are arguably better. Because the characters created can follow and respond to the movements of our faces. This is because the Avatar presented is in the form of a camera filter.

Even so, the Tiktok Avatar has the limitation of only changing the face. However, you can still customize the Avatar to make it look similar to your face.

In this Tiktok Avatar, there are at least 20 facial animations that you can use directly without having to customize it first.

1. Open the TikTok application on your smartphone, then tap the plus icon in the middle and tap the effects icon.

How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok2. Next, tap the search icon, and type Avatar in the field provided. If so, select the filter at the top of TikTok Avatars.

How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok3. You can immediately use some of the available Avatars. But if it doesn’t fit and you want to customize it yourself, tap the plus icon. Next tap one of the Avatars that will be used as a base.

How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok4. Now you can customize as you want, from skin color, hair, to accessories used. When you are done, you can tap the Done menu at the top.

How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok5. You just need to record using the shutter menu in the middle, with the created Avatar, and then post the content as usual.

How to Make a 3D Avatar on TikTok

Creating an Avatar or ourselves in the form of a cartoon Avatar is indeed very fun. What’s more, we can make videos with animations that are quite unique because they can respond to all of our facial movements.

We hope this article helped you learn How to Make a 3D TikTok Avatar. Maybe you also want to see our other articles about How to Add Subtitles in TikTok Videos

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