How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link


NGL Link or NGL Bio is currently trending and is being tried, especially for Instagram users. So, what exactly is NGL Link? Have you guys tried it too? If you don’t understand, let’s read the review below to understand what NGL Link is.

What is NGL Link

The viral NGL is actually an abbreviation, which stands for ‘Not Gonna Lie’.

NGL itself is an application designed for users who want to receive anonymous messages from their followers on Instagram.

The NGL application, which was developed by an American developer, has recently been quite popular and has begun to be widely used. The purpose of making this application is quite interesting, where users are facilitated to be able to express something honestly without having to fear being caught because the messages sent are anonymous.

Well, here Instagram users can put an NGL link in stories, or it can also be placed in the bio on their respective user profile pages.

For those of you who are curious and want to try the NGL application features, just go to the tutorial below.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link

1. Download the Ngl Link application on the PlayStore and install it on your smartphone.

2. Open the application then tap the Get Started menu, then fill in the Instagram handle column with your Instagram username.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link3. Use the dice icon to change the text sentence in the top banner, then you must tap the Copy Link menu. If it’s the next, tap the Share your link menu, then tap Next Step.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link4. Tap the Share on Instagram menu then you will be taken directly to your Instagram account in the story section. Then tap the sticker icon at the top.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link5. Select the Link sticker then enter the link that you copied in the Ngl application.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link6. Adjust the link sticker, and send the Ngl link that you got to the story. To add it to your profile page, you just need to open the profile settings menu and pin it in the Bio menu.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link7. The results are as below, when on the profile bio page and also if a friend taps on the link or tries to enter the Ngl link that we have created.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link8. If someone sends a question, it will be entered in the Inbox section of the Ngl application, you just have to tap the letter icon to open it. There you can immediately see the questions asked and immediately respond to them.

How to Make an Instagram Viral Ngl Link-5

That’s how to make NGL links in bio or Instagram Stories, very easy? Although not much different from QnA, the anonymous feature is also fun to try. So, are you also interested in trying this NGL Link??

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