How to Make Photo Slides on TikTok


How to Make Photo Slides on TikTok – Tiktok content but in the form of sliding photos? Have you come across this content? Or curious how to make it? If it’s true, let’s learn together to make this viral tiktok photo slide!

TikTok is now an application that is on the rise and can even be said to be quite popular among the world community. TikTok users, ranging from children to teenagers and adults, they have started using this short video platform to create video creations.

The application developed by ByteDance developers is indeed very interesting because many users are entertained by the content available in it.

On Tiktok, of course, we often find content in the form of cooking, tutorials, dancing, editing and also other interesting content according to the interests we expect. In it there are also editing features that beautify the results of the video that we will upload. You can also add text songs and camera effects as well to make the video more interesting in the eyes of other users.

Not only videos, on the TikTok platform we are also provided with features so that users can create photo slideshows. However, there are still many new users who don’t know how to make it.

If you can’t wait to know how to make it, check out the tutorial below in detail.

How to Make Photo Slides on TikTok

1. The first step, open the TikTok application on your smartphone. Then tap the plus icon in the middle or a new post to upload content. If you have entered editor mode, you select the Upload menu on the right.

How to Make Photo Slides on TikTok

2. Navigate the menu to the photos section, then activate the Select Multiple checklist and select several photos to upload then select Next. Then in the advanced menu tap the Switch to photo mode menu.

How to Make Photo Slides on TikTok

3. If you have switched to photo mode, a sliding dot will appear to be used to shift the uploaded photo. You can add custom songs, text or camera filters, it’s up to you. If you have, you can directly select the Post menu to upload it.

How to Make Photo Slides on TikTok

Well, it’s not easy to make photo slides on TikTok. With the guide above, now you can share your best photos in the form of Slideshows. If you still have questions regarding this article, please leave a comment below.

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