How to Make Selfie Stickers on Instagram DM


CahDroid | As the sticker feature grows in popularity, there are now tons of apps that you can use to create your own stickers from personal photos or text.

To make these stickers is very easy, we only need a few steps and the stickers are ready to be used in your chat application or social media application.

Talking about sticker maker applications, actually now there are several chat applications that already provide this feature.

For example, in the WhatsApp Web chat application, we can easily create stickers with the provided features and the Telegram chat application, we can create stickers by using the Telegram bot.

How to Make Selfie Stickers on Instagram

But did you know that now users can create stickers in Instagram DMs and this feature is called Selfie Stickers. With this feature, we can easily create stickers using photos taken directly.

To make the stickers more interesting, the Instagram application provides five effects that you can apply to the stickers. Here is a guide on how to make stickers on Instagram.

1. To get the selfie sticker feature in Instagram DMs, first update the Instagram application on your smartphone device.

2. After the application is successfully updated, open the Instagram application and then open the DM menu. Then select the Instagram account you want to send the message to.

3. To make a selfie sticker, press the Sticker menu next to the message field. Then, find and select Selfie Stickers.

How to Make Selfie Stickers on Instagram

4. You can tap the Boomerang button to immediately take the sticker. But before that, you can also add effects to the sticker. There are five effects that you can choose from and apply to the sticker. In addition, you can also activate the Timer feature to display the countdown time before you take the sticker.

5. Here is the selfie sticker that was successfully created. Press the up arrow icon, to send the selfie sticker. Or press the Retake icon to delete the sticker and create a new sticker.

How to Make Selfie Stickers on Instagram

6. This is a display of stickers that have been sent via Instagram messages. Do the same steps as above, to make your own selfie stickers on Instagram DMs.

How to Make Selfie Stickers on Instagram

Create selfie stickers on Instagram messages just by following a few steps above. Now you can create your own selfie stickers.

You can also add various effects to the selfie stickers. By taking advantage of the selfie sticker feature, you can create various attractive sticker looks using your photos.

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