How to Overcome Lag in Call Of Duty Mobile Games


Often experience Lag When Playing Call Of Duty? Don’t worry, there is a surefire way to overcome lag in the Call of Duty Mobile game. COD or Call Of Duty a few days ago was present on mobile devices both IOS and Android. Developed by Activison this game carries the genre of Action, Battle Royale and others.

The COD Mobile game itself has two modes, namely Battle Royale and Multiplayer, and will be followed by other modes waiting for the next update. Gameplay is quite interesting and can be addictive.

Even though this game has been around for a long time on several consoles and versions, the lovers have not disappeared from the past. And still a lot of fans. And now on mobile devices this game presents a Battle Royale Mode which is very similar to PUBG.

Maybe it will be a tough rival for PUBG Mobile in Indonesia. If you look around, there are quite a lot of fans, just a week after it was released, more than 10 million downloads have been downloaded on the Playstore.

I myself as a player feel addicted to this game, especially the Multiplayer Mode which is quite inspiring to play the game. The Battle Royale mode is quite interesting and unique. Okay, back to our topic, namely Overcoming Lag, I myself have not felt for sure but my friends feel enough lag.

Previously We Must Know What Causes Lag In Call Of Duty Mobile Games

Internet Speed
Pay attention to your internet speed because this is quite influential especially using internet data, it is better to use WIFI which is more stable and suitable for playing online games.

Apps Running in the Background
Too many applications running in the background also affect, especially applications running in the background online will all experience lag.

Phone Specifications
Adjust installing the game with your cellphone specs because not all games are compatible with the smartphone you are using. Especially in the class of COD Mobile which is a heavy game, even though it is not as heavy as PUBG because the Call Of Duty game is a new game and there are still many updates that will make the game even more difficult.

Then what’s the solution? For solutions to the causes above or others, see below:

How to Overcome Call Of Duty Mobile Game Lag

Fix Internet Signal
Pay attention to Ping when playing games, if it’s green, it means it’s normal, if it’s red, immediately look for Wifi or find a place if the internet speed is good. To see Ping, you can check in the gameplay on the top right which is in the form of an icon like a network.

Clean background running apps
Usually the application cleaning feature that eats RAM or that runs in the background already exists or comes from smartphones, but there are several smartphone brands that don’t have this feature, so friends can use the Greenify application and can download it via the playstore and it’s free.

Using Game Booster
Friends, you can use the Game Booster application which is available on the Playstore. Just try various matching Booster games. Because it can just eliminate lag when playing games.

Customize the Game Installed With Phone Specs
Try checking your specifications first whether they meet the requirements for installing the Call Of Duty Mobile game. Because not all games are stable on Smartphones. Check the specifications required for the Call Of Duty Mobile Game.

For Android Min.

  • 1gb Ruang space
  • RAM 2gb
  • Android 5.1
  • Snapdragon 450
  • GPU Adreno 506

For IOS Min

  • 1.4gb
  • Operating System 9.0

Notes: The COD Mobile version cannot be played on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, and iPod Touch.

That’s all for this discussion, if you still have questions, you can comment below.

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