How to Pin Posts on Instagram


CahDroid | Instagram is a social media that is currently the most widely used by young people. That fact does not make Instagram proud and stop making changes. As we know, Instagram has done a lot of changes to their UI/UX appearance, and added a lot of new features. Like changing their appearance with a bigger feed, and also adding the reels plus remix feature some time ago.

What Instagram is doing is like a mirroring of what its competitor, TikTok, is doing. It is undeniable indeed, many features of TikTok that Instagram have successfully modified to become part of their own features. Most recently, Instagram brought up the Post Pin feature like the one on TikTok. Then how to do it?

Instagram Pin is the latest feature released by Instagram to make it easier for users to pin featured posts to always be in the top location of the feed. This feature is more or less the same as what is on TikTok. What are the benefits? Of course, posts that use pins will be seen more often, and attract a large audience to see them.

Pinned content is also not only a video model but also a graphic or photo feed model. Unlike TikTok, which is a social media application that is limited to video sharing models.

How to Pin Posts on Instagram

1. First, you have to update the Instagram application on your smartphone. After that open the application. If you don’t have Instagram, then install and register a new account.

2. This registration step is the same as registering an account on Facebook or other social media. Here we assume that you already have an Instagram account.

3. After that open your Instagram profile, and select one of the posts you want to pin.

4. In this guide we will select one of the photos that was uploaded some time ago, and is located at the bottom.

How to Pin Posts on Instagram5. After that select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Several menus will appear that you can choose from, but to pin a post, you select Pin to your profile.

6. Now successfully pinned posts will bring up the pin icon and move to the top of the feed.

How to Pin Posts on Instagram

The pin feature on Instagram is a new feature that makes it easier for users to put their favorite posts always at the top of the feed. We can say that this feature is a mirroring technique of the pin feature which is also in the TikTok application. Indeed, the menu name used on Instagram is Pin to your profile, but basically we understand it better with pins.

This feature is useful to make it easier for you to get a lot of audience attention. We hope this article helped you learn How to Pin Posts on Instagram. If you still have questions, please leave a comment in the column below.

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