Install OnePlus 7 Pro ROM Port On OnePlus 6


The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a few new things compared to the previous OnePlus flagships. Whether this justifies the cost or not is a different matter. Although OnePlus has said most of the software features of the OnePlus 7 Pro will be the same as on previous OnePlus devices, that may take some time. If you don’t prefer to wait, you can install the OnePlus 7 Pro ROM port on the OnePlus 6/6T now.

OnePlus 7 Pro ROM Port

XDA Senior Member ProtoDeVNan0 has ported the OnePlus 7 Pro ROM to the OnePlus 6/6T. The ported ROM will install OxygenOS 9.5.4 firmware from OnePlus 7 Pro to your OnePlus 6/6T. One OnePlus 6, obviously nothing to do with the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Also, Face unlock doesn’t work on any of the devices because they don’t have a motorized pop-up camera and the OnePlus 7 Pro does. Almost everything else should work as expected but be prepared to run into bugs.

You can participate in development by visiting the development thread on XDA from the source link provided at the bottom of this article.


Flashing a custom ROM on your device may damage the proper functioning of the device. In many cases, this can also lead to the loss of all data stored on the device. You have been warned of the risks involved.

Therefore, neither we nor anyone else can be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with the device later on. Even if you follow this guide properly, things can still go wrong for various reasons. You will be responsible for anything you do on your own phone.


  1. OnePlus 6/6T with unlocked bootloader running OxygenOS Open Beta 18 (or OnePlus 6T equivalent).
  2. Computer with ADB and Fastboot installed. If you need help, you can take a look at our guide on how to install ADB and Fastboot on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  3. Windows users also need to install the OnePlus USB Driver.
  4. Installing the fastboot ROM will wipe the entire device, so make sure you have backed up everything, if possible.


Install OnePlus 7 Pro ROM Port on OnePlus 6 / 6T (OxygenOS 9.0.0)

  1. Download zip file from link above the Downloads section.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to same folder on computer.
  3. Reboot OnePlus 6/6T into fastboot mode. If you don’t know how to do this and haven’t even turned on Advanced reboot, turn off your device. Now press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously until you see some text on the screen as shown below.OnePlus-Bootloader-Mode
  4. While in fastboot mode, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
    • From here, Windows users have it pretty easy. All you have to do is double-click on the flasher_windows_enchilada.bat (OnePlus 6) or 6T_flasher_windows.bat (OnePlus 6T) file in the extracted fastboot ROM folder.
    • Assuming you have installed all the drivers correctly, Windows will detect the device and the ROM will be flashed.
    • Linux users can run the script (OnePlus 6) or (OnePlus 6 T) also included in the folder.
    • To do that, open a terminal inside the extracted folder by right-clicking an empty space and selecting Open in Terminal.
    • In Terminal, use the following commands one by one to make the script executable and then run it.
      chmod 777 
  5. When the flashing is complete, remove the phone and reboot while holding the Volume Down button. This will boot the device into recovery mode.
  6. Factory reset device from recovery mode.

When your device boots, skip the initial setup and transfer the OnePlusGallery.apk file from the Install After Boot folder. Install APK like any normal APK and enjoy your new OnePlus 7 Pro ROM port.

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