Here’s Why Google Keep Is The Perfect Note-Taking App


Taking notes has become a part of everyday life. Whether it’s studying, at work, or at home – I take lots of notes every day. And, in my opinion, Google Keep is the perfect note-taking app.

My favorite note-taking app is this Google Keep. It was launched in 2013 and has been continuously getting better and better since then. While it’s not installed on many devices, it’s one of those apps that I recommend you install right away if you’re taking a lot of notes.

I think it is the best app made by Google. I do have some solid reasons to support my opinion and I will list them below. Learn more great Google Keep tips and tricks to use the app more efficiently.

Simple & Offers Multiple Input Methods

Google Keep Input

This is probably one of the simplest note-taking apps. It has a very friendly and minimal user interface which does not confuse the users. It uses a cards-based design for keeping records.

Along with traditional text input methods, it offers some other awesome input methods. You can add voice notes and images (and extract text from an image, so it works as an Optical Character Recognition software). Another excellent input method it has is drawing. Yes, you can easily draw notes with your finger, or you can use them to doodle – it’s all up to you, no one will judge.

Another great feature of Keep is list generation. Yes, you can create a list with that checkbox. Tick ​​each task when it’s done to remove it from the list.


Google Keep Add

Reminders are an important part of daily activities. It’s not like I forget what I need to do, just that I create reminders in case I forget (very rarely), but still, reminders prove helpful over time.

One cool thing about reminders in Google Keep is the strong integration with other Google products. For example, if you create a reminder in Google Keep, you can view it in Google Now or Google Inbox. And if you dismiss it from one place it will be fired from another place too.

To create a reminder, tap the finger icon at the top right of the note. Now, set the date and time or location for the reminder in pop-up that appears.

To view the reminders that have been set, tap hamburger menu on the main page and select “Reminders” from available options.

Strong Organization

Google Keep Organisasi Yang Kuat

Keeping your notes organized is an important task if you take a lot of notes every day. Save offer labels to organize your notes. To add a label to your note, open the note then tap the three-dot box in the lower right corner, then select a label. You can choose from the labels you have already created or create a new one.

To create a label (without opening a note) tap the hamburger menu and tap “Create new label” in the label section. Existing labels can also be edited or deleted from the same area.

In the latest update, Google introduced the option to add a label by adding a hashtag (#) in the note. Once you’ve added a hashtag, it will show you all the available labels for you to choose from.

Another awesome organization feature of Keep is organization by color. Maybe all your study-related notes are blue, personal notes are green, work-related notes are yellow, and important notes are red. See, notes are now organized according to their need or urgency.

To search for labels by color, tap the search icon at the top of the main page, then tap the palette icon and select the color of your choice. You’ll only see those notes in search results that have been colored that way.

Available Anywhere

Google Keep Catatan Tersedia Dimana Saja

Google’s sync feature is top class. That’s probably for the best. All Google products are in sync with each other and available on all major platforms. Google Keep is no exception. Google Keep is available for Android (obviously), iOS, and on the web. Just visit and sign in with your Google account to access all your notes from anywhere.

Apart from that, it also has an excellent collaboration function which can be accessed by tapping the menu button at the bottom right of the note and selecting “Collaborator”. You can then invite anyone you want to collaborate with using their Gmail address.

All the things mentioned above are just the main functions of Google Keep. There are some more awesome features like sending notes to Google Doc, etc.

So is Google Keep the perfect note-taking app? Personally, I think so. Your opinion may differ from mine.

What’s your favorite note-taking app? Do you like Google Keep? Is this the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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