Causes and Solutions Failed to Install APK Files on Android


Installing the Apk file is an alternative that is often used by smartphone users when installing Android applications. There are many reasons why you choose to use this method, ranging from looking for an old version before the latest version, to installing applications that are not available on the play store, to testing newly created applications yourself or because it always fails to install applications from the play store.

There are lots of sites that provide free apk files and we conclude here that you have downloaded the apk file that you want to install on your smartphone but it always fails during the installation process.

When we can’t install apk, usually different messages always appear like “Sorry, package installer has stopped unexpectedly”, “installer package error 919”, “parse error” or “Unable to open file”.

These are some examples of problems when we will install the apk file. So, what is the cause and what is the solution for failing to install apk on Android?

Causes Can’t Install Apk Files On Android

Actually, what is an Apk? Apk is an Android application package where file types with this format can only be installed and used on smartphones, tablets and emulators with the Android operating system. But that doesn’t mean it can definitely be installed on the Android you’re using, because there are several reasons why you can’t install an apk like the following.

  • The Android operating system is not compatible with the Apk file. In a sense, each application has a version which is usually marked with Version 2.0, 3.0, or 3.1. Vice versa, the Android OS also has a level of version names such as Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow.
  • Apk file is corrupted. This can happen because when the download process is stopped in the middle of the road and then resumed, or it can be caused the apk file has been modified and when the developer recompiles there are files left behind.
  • The apk file has not been done Sign.apk. The Android OS won’t install apps that haven’t been digitally signed. This aims to identify who is the author of the application, which we can see from the certificate.
  • The Google Play Services app is deleted. When we use the application, it always closes itself or force closes even though we have successfully installed the application from the apk file, that’s because it requires Google Play Services. This will usually often happen to paid applications that are installed on a rooted Android smartphone.
  • Lots of cache in the system and it hasn’t been cleared. Cache is temporary files (temporary files) that are automatically created by every Android application to speed up their performance but the applications that we delete also leave the cache. This can make it difficult for new applications to gain space in the system.

Solutions and Ways to Overcome Cannot Install APK Files

The reasons above are just a few because there are many other causes that could be the reason. It can also depend on the type of smartphone, tablet or Android OS that is used. Let’s see how to solve this below.

  1. The most important thing is to activate the apk install feature. The trick is to enter the Settings menu > Security > after that check “Unknown sources”.
  2. Look for the Apk file with a version compatible with Android OS from your Smartphone.
  3. Clear cache. You can use the Clean Master app to do this.
  4. Install the APK installer app from the play store. This application is specifically for installing and managing Apk files.
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