How to Add Subtitles in TikTok Videos


How to Add Subtitles in TikTok Videos – The TikTok application is one of the short video applications that often provides users with the latest effects and features. In fact, with interesting effects and features, users no longer need to use video editing applications to make interesting videos.

One of the video trends that is currently popular is a video that displays subtitles in it.

Previously to be able to display subtitles, we needed to use a video editing application. Or, we have to type one by one the text of the sentences in the video.

Both methods are of course very inconvenient and time consuming. However, thanks to a new feature in the TikTok application, namely the Subtitle feature, we can now easily display subtitles on TikTok videos that are being made.

To be able to use this subtitle feature, it is very easy and fast. It only takes some time, the subtitles are already showing on the TikTok video. In addition, there is also a subtitle editing feature, if there is an incorrect text. We can also delete the subtitle text, if the text is not displayed in the TikTok video that is being made.

How to Add Subtitles in TikTok Videos

1. To be able to add subtitles to videos that you make in the TikTok application, you need to upgrade the TikTok application on your android device to the latest version.

2. After the application has been successfully updated, open the TikTok application and then create a new video according to the concept you have prepared. Make sure in the video, there is sound/audio in it.

3. On the video editing page, you just press the Subtitle feature. Then, the TikTok application will process the sound/audio in the video. Wait for some time until the audio is finished processing.

Click Subtitles

4. No need to wait long, the subtitle text is ready. Press the Edit icon, to change the subtitle text that doesn’t match and don’t forget to press Save when you’re done. In addition, you can adjust the size of the subtitle text and move the position of the text according to your needs in the video.

Edit Subtitles

5. If you want to delete the subtitle text, press once on the caption and then select Delete. To continue, you can press the Next button and start publishing the post.

Delete Subtitles

With the Subtitle feature in the TikTok application, users can now add subtitles easily and don’t need to use any video editing application. In addition, we can change the content of the text if there is text that does not match the audio video. We can also delete subtitles before the video is uploaded to your TikTok account.

However, what this feature lacks is that it only supports English. Hopefully in the future TikTok will update this feature to support multiple languages.

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