How to Create Cool Silhouette Photos with Instagram


Today, it is the era of social media. Everything is always uploaded to social media, especially the results of photos or selfies. Well, this time we will share a trick to make your photos more interesting to upload on social media in a silhouette style.

Uploading photos on social media is certainly something you must have done, or even very often. Indeed, the millennial generation now really likes to upload everything to social media, especially the story feature that is already widely available in various applications.

Social media is a place or arena for competition to get attention by providing the best shots. Everyone has their own style when it comes to photos. Some may like to take photos of food so the story is filled with photos of food or maybe some like to take pictures of landscapes and so on.

In this article, we will create silhouette photos that are trending on the TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms.

How to Create Silhouette Photos with Instagram

Creating a silhouette effect is not difficult, and does not require special skills. The development of camera filter technology on the Instagram platform can help us create attractive silhouette photos or videos. Curious, not how or what the name of the ig filter is, see the complete guide below.

1. Open the Instagram application on your Android phone, then tap the Story menu or create a new story. In the filter section, swipe left until you find the filter search icon.Create Silhouette Photos

2. In the Effects Gallery menu, tap the search icon again and type “siluet”, the results will display several silhouette filters that you can use. The recommendation is to use a filter from “xyxrayqur”, but there’s also nothing wrong with trying another filter.Create Silhouette Photos

3. Now, you can immediately press the Try menu to try the filter, if it feels right you can save the filter in the Instagram camera effect by pressing the download icon.Create Silhouette Photos

Various Instagram filters are now increasingly sophisticated and pamper users when it comes to portraits. Not to mention the creators of Instagram filters who are getting more and more creative here. Like creating the silhouette effect above. How interesting enough to try is not it?

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