How to Make Scrolling Text on WhatsApp


CahDroid | Recently the virtual world is trending making scrolling text in the WhatsApp application. Did you know? Or are you looking for a way to make it now? If so, check out the review below so you know how to make it.

Today’s social media seems to be a place that is quite interesting and entertaining, especially to find the latest, updated and viral information. Including those that are currently being discussed on social media as we are discussing, namely scrolling text.

For those of you who don’t know or maybe you already know but are confused about how to make scrolling text, we will explain what scrolling text is. Scrolling text is a text message that is made to resemble a special pattern, where when you get the message and scroll it, the text message seems to move following an endless pattern.

Scrolling text has text that is quite long, therefore you have to scroll down to see until the message runs out.

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This scrolling text is made for anyone, for example, for couples, friends or just for fun. This scrolling text makes the messages you send that used to be ordinary look more memorable.

How to make it is actually quite easy and can be done by anyone. By using scrolling text, you can write some simple text but line up long lines without having to bother. Well, if you can’t wait and are curious to make it, just follow the method below.

How to Make Scrolling Text on WhatsApp

1. Use the browser on your smartphone, Google Chrome is recommended. Then in the search field type If you have, now scroll down to find the Games and Misc section, select the Scrolling Text Time Waster menu.

2. In the text field, type the sentence or word you want to make scrolling text, if it has been inputted, tap the menu Again! Again I Say!. There is no need to change the Auto Scroll and Time Scroll menus. To copy the text on the screen directly tap the Copy Output Text menu.

How to Make Scrolling Text on WhatsApp

3. Now, you open the WhatsApp application and look for the contact or group you want to send scrolling text. Paste the text in the chat column and it will look like in the image below.

How to Make Scrolling Text on WhatsApp

Very easy? It doesn’t take time or special skills to make scrolling text in the Whatsapp application. Just type some short text and wait for the result. The text messages you send become more interesting and not like in general. Good luck!

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