Transfer OBB files from PC to BlueStacks App Player


Smartphones are considered to be one of the best things we have in today’s digital age. When discussing Android Smartphones, we can see many brands used by users. Whenever a user wants to download an app or game, they can visit the Google PlayStore. And most people think it is the only way to get apps and games on Android devices.

But the reality is that people are starting to show their lack of interest in using Google Play on their Android devices. The reason is that developers who are experts in Android have developed many things that can go beyond the current use of Android. Yes, you can even smoothly play games apart from Android Smartphones. With the help of BlueStacks, you can bring your Android apps and games on your PC without any hassles. BlueStacks is mainly said to be an Android emulator where you can get any game or app for further use.

If you are a BlueStacks user, then have you ever thought about transferring OBB files from PC to Bluestacks. In this case, if you find it difficult to find a solution, you can follow this tutorial. Hopefully you will get a solution to transfer OBB files from PC to BlueStacks.

Why Need to Transfer OBB files from PC to Bluestacks?

Most of the people are confused to get the answer to this particular request. Here we share some responses to this question. For example, when downloading a game with a large file, it also has to download data. At this condition, most of them think that what if it is possible to transfer data folders or OBB files to BlueStacks. If you are looking for very large game files, then it is very important that you know the process.

Bluestacks OBB/Data/SD Card Folder Storage Place on PC


When you want smooth transfer of OBB files from PC to BlueStacks, it is important that you know more about the requirements and download them further.

  • Download ES File Manager APK for PC.
  • BlueStacks App player.

Install the application that was downloaded earlier on your PC.

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How to Copy or Transfer files from PC to BlueStacks

When you want to start to Save OBB files from PC to Bluestacks, it is important that you follow the following steps.

  1. First, it is very important that you download and install BlueStacks to run android games and apps.
  2. Now, BlueStacks has been installed, and if you are looking for a way to transfer files from PC to BlueStacks, you need to download ES file manager and you can download it from Google Play Store.
  3. As you wish, you can transfer any file from PC to BlueStacks, all you need point to C:\Users\Public\Pictures.
  4. You can now copy any of the files you want to transfer to BlueStacks.
  5. It is important that you run BlueStacks to open the ES file manager.
  6. You can now check the search options available at the address given at the bottom of the ES file manager.
  7. Now, you need to search for “PublicPictures” to find the copied files.
  8. You can move files to any location from the file manager.
  9. This is the easiest way to be able to move OBB files from PC to Bluestacks.

These are the main steps that you should follow when you want to save OBB files from PC to Bluestacks.

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Conclusion: Add OBB Files to Bluestacks from PC

By following the things mentioned above, you can find out how to add OBB files from PC to Bluestacks. In this case, if you want to transfer files from BlueStacks to PC, then you need to do this method in reverse.

If you have any questions please comment below.

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